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Trains :: European trains :: Prague → Nuremberg

How to get from Prague to Nuremberg by train

In 2014 there are no direct trains from Prague to Nuremberg (Germany). The only option is to take train from Prague to Regensburg and from Regensburg to Nuremberg.

But there are direct buses runned by Deutsche Bahn. These buses (called DB Expressbus) run every two hours starting from 07:35 and last bus leaving 17:35. The buses require seat reservation. The journey takes 3h45min.

From station:Praha hl. n. (Wilsonova str.) (Prague main railway station)
To station:Nürnberg Hbf (Nuremberg Central Station)

Direct buses: Prague - Nuremberg

from €35 *
Bus 42005 IC Bus07:2511:03Buy now
Bus 42007 IC Bus08:1211:50Buy now
Bus 42027 IC Bus09:4013:18Buy now
Bus 42009 IC Bus10:3014:08Buy now
Bus 42011 IC Bus12:4216:20Buy now
Bus 42013 IC Bus14:1217:50Buy now
Bus 42015 IC Bus15:3019:08Buy now
Bus 42017 IC Bus16:4220:20Buy now
Bus 42021 IC Bus18:4220:20Buy now
Schedule valid from 2015-12-13 to 2016-12-10

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