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Group tickets

We can offer group tickets for buses and trains.


  • Group discounts (ideal for schools, groups of friends, large families, teams, etc)
  • Quick and high-quality service
  • Many destinations in Central&Eastern Europe


  • Group: 10 and more passengers
  • Season: Group discounts are not available during summer (1/7–31/8) and winter seasons (15/12–15/1).
  • Routes: Group discounts apply only for tickets from or to the Czech Republic. Not for e.g. ticket from Germany to England. Group discounts are not offered for bus connections to Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna.


  • We offer group discounts only for actual train tickets. Electronic tickets are already discounted.
  • Group: 6 and more passengers

How to book the tickets?

Write us an email or use our contact form. Please, send us this information:

  • Where do you want to go
  • The date and time
  • Number of passengers (their ages)


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