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Janské Lázně – spa & ski resort

Janské Lázně

Janské Lázně – city center

History of the town

Janské Lázně (in German Johannisbad) is a small spa town in the Hradec Králové Region of the Czech Republices/Home-es. It has around 850 inhabitants. It is located in mountainous area 519 meters (1,703 feet) above sea level.

Local thermal spring was used as early as in 15th century. During 1675 – 1680 a village was founded here by order of Johann Adolf, prince of Schwarzenberg. In 1881 it obtained township privileges.

The water bath runs at a natural temperature of 29.6°Celsius (85° F). Besides the bath observation tower, another popular tourist attraction is a Neo-Renaissance colonnade.

Janské Lázně

Janské lázně – Colonnade

The place is also known among winter sports athletes, including being host of the 1925 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.

Spa treatments Janské Lázně is focused mostly on the diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, nervous disorders, oncological disease, non-tuberculosis diseases of the respiratory system and skin disorders.

Janské Lázně is not only a spa center. It is also a sport and recreation center. There is a a wide variety of both summer and winter activities here and you can also visit a lot of unique tourist places nearby.

Janské Lázně has a beautiful ski resort with of 37.6 kilometers of ski slopes, suitable for children, beginners and also for advanced skiers.

In Janské Lázně you will find a specialized programme for treatments of musculoskeletal diseases, including recuperation after injuries and operations. Diseases of the nervous system, including paralysis, neuromuscular disorders, and multiple sclerosis. Respiratory diseases such as asthma or recuperating after surgery on airways. Furthermore, metabolic disorders, problems with endocrine glands and conditions after oncological treatment.


Medical spa lázně Janské Lázně

Náměstí Svobody 272

542 25 Janské Lázně

+420 499 860 111



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