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Conditions for taxi transfers outside of Prague


Customers are obliged to provide valid travel and personal details including a telephone number (with the international calling code) and an e-mail address.

If booking a taxi from the Airport customers should fill in flight details (flight number, company name, and estimated arrival time).

If booking a taxi from a hotel or a private address customers should fill in details about their departure address and time of pick up. If you want to travel to an airport, note that it is necessary to be at the airport at least 2 or 3 hours before the plane takes off.

Booking is possible only through Czech-transport.com. Czech-transport.com is not liable for transfers or additional orders reserved directly through the driver.

Changes of orders are not be accepted less than 24 hours in advance. Customers have to call or send an e-mail – instant messaging or skype are not sufficient. If these conditions are not met, customers cannot claim any compensation for a missed connecting flight/bus/train.

Booking Confirmations

After an on-line payment is made, czech-transport.com sends a summary of the order by email. If they do not receive the confirmation, customers have to double-check their spam folder and contact us immediately.


All transfers have to be fully paid in advance. We accept credit or debit cards.


  • All prices are quoted per vehicle

Additional fees are charged for:

  • additional passengers or luggage, see the part Vehicle below
  • waiting time, see the part Waiting Time Charges below
  • extra stops or diversions, see Additional Drop offs and Pick ups below


It is the booker’s or passenger’s res­ponsibility to ensure that they reserve or book the correct size of vehicle in order to carry the number of passengers and luggage. The vehicle capacities and pictures are available on the website. Also consultations are possible by email (info@czech-transport.com).

Children of all ages have to be included in the number of passengers.

If a passenger has booked a smaller vehicle capacity than needed, the driver reserves the right to refuse to carry the passengers due to Health and Safety rules. However, the passenger is liable to pay the full fare to the driver. If the capacity of the ordered vehicle is not exceeded, additional passengers and luggage may be added with the permission of Czech-Transport.com.

Waiting Time Charges

Airport pick ups – the maximum free waiting time is 30 minutes. Afterwards, a fee of 15 EUR per hour applies. There are no additional charges for any flight delays. The driver checks the flight status and enters the arriving hall 20 minutes after the landing.

Sea/cruise port pick ups – the maximum free waiting time is 30 minutes, starting from the nominated pick up time. Afterwards, 15 EUR per hour apply.

Pick ups from home, hotel, offices and other venues – 15-minute free waiting time from the actual booked time is allowed. Afterwards, 15 EUR per hour is added to the fare.

Additional Drop offs and Pick ups

Additional drop offs and pick ups are charged 1 EUR/km. The minimum fee is 5 EUR per diversion/stop.

Booking Cancellations

A booking of a transfer can be cancelled in advance.

  • If the cancellation is made more than 48 hours prior to the departure, 85% of the payment is returned to the credit card used for the initial payment. The refund takes between 2–5 working days.
  • If the cancellation is made 24–48 hours before the departure, 50% of the payment is returned to the credit card used for the initial payment. The refund takes between 2–5 working days.
  • If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the intended departure or while the car is on its way to pick up the passengers, 0% is refunded.
  • Refunds in cash are not possible for orders paid by credit card or bank transfer.

Missed Flights

If clients miss their flight and their driver is already on his way to the airport, there is no refund possible. If the flight is cancelled by the airlines and clients manage to inform Czech transport in time, then it is possible to rebook the transfer. The fee for rebooking is 15% of the transfer price. If the driver is already on his way to the pick up point, then the waiting time cost is added to the price of transfer.

No Show

No Show means that a passenger books a transfer with us and fails to meet the driver at the appointed place and time or contact the driver by then. This includes pick ups at airport, seaport, home, hotel and other private addresses. This includes reservations with incorrect dates and times.

Airport/seaport: The driver waits in the arrival hall up to 1 hour from flight/ship landing time. If the passenger fails to meet or contact (telephone) the driver within this time limit, it is considered as a no show. Bookings paid by credit or debit cards are not refunded in such cases.


The driver chooses the route to a destination by considering the following facts: the traffic, time, road closures, and diversions.


The company accepts no liability for the following: Severe traffic delays, road closures, extreme and poor weather conditions.

Czech-Transport.com is not liable for any wrong or incomplete information given by the booker or passenger.

No refunds will be issued:

  • If the passenger books the transfer for a wrong date, gives a wrong flight number or uses other other misleading information.
  • If the passenger leaves the pick up point without informing Czech Transport (by email or telephone) for any reason whatsoever.


In the case of any damage caused by you or your party to our vehicles we will charge a penalty for said damage.

Types of damage include:

Dirtying, breaking or tearing of seat(s) is charged at 100 EUR per seat.

Customers may not drink in the vehicle : no coffee, tea, lemonade, alcohol, wine or beer, but only water in plastic bottles.

Customers are forbidden to smoke in the vehicles.

Last update: 2015-11-23