24th of March, IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, all international passenger rail/bus transport between the Czech Republic and Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland has been suspended until further notice (assumingly until Mid to End of April). Most of other international rail/bus services are currently suspended too. All electronic tickets for inland travels in those countries are still available for purchase though.

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  • Date / time: 2015-10-17 14:27:58Name: kevin

    Hello I just reserved a train from Vienna to Prague for 10/21.

    After the registration process the website shows that my reservation is now in the shopping cart. However when i proceed for payment by clicking on the shopping cart, it shows that it is empty.

    i have tried multiple times but does not seem to work.. please help


    • Date / time: 2015-10-17 21:16:01Name: Pavla

      Dear Kevin, I cannot see any order connected to your email because the payment was not done. Please, try again in a different browser. If it fails again, write us an email with the details and we will send you a payment link and make the booking by email.

      Kind regards Pavla