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Home :: Change of date of departure, paper ticket for night train
  • Date / time: 2015-12-12 23:38:38Name: Elizabeth

    Hi, I received my paper tickets for the night train from Budapest to Krakow in the mail recently. However, after checking, I found that I had mistakenly submitted 23rd Dec 2015 as the departure date. I want to change it to the 22nd, is that possible and what fees will I incur?

    Sorry I sent this question in the order form page as well but I wasn't sure if my order number was automatically included so here it is, just in case: 952986795885983.

    So sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    If I need to pick up the tickets from Prague office I can do it on Monday 21st December.

    Best regards Elizabeth


    • Date / time: 2015-12-13 15:02:18Name: Pavla

      Dear Elizabeth, the change (cancellation) shuld be no problem. The key is to send the tickets back to us as soon as possible. I send you an email with more details. Kind regards Pavla