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  • Date / time: 2016-03-25 18:40:05Name: Adria Clanton

    My friend and I just arrived in Prague. We purchased tickets and got on the tram but did not know that we needed to validate them. When the person came and asked for our tickets, we showed them to her and she said that they were invalid because we didn't validate them on the tram even though we had bought the tickets only a few minutes earlier. They charged us 800 koruna each. Because we actually did buy tickets and used them within the allotted timeframe and, as tourists, we didn't know we needed to validate them, I would like a refund for the 1600 koruna we were forced to pay. Thanks


    • Date / time: 2016-03-25 21:07:56Name: Pavla

      Dear Adria, we are sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we do not have anything to do with Prague transit company. We are a private travel agency. For more information, call the Prague public transit company +420 296 191 817 (daily 7am – 9 pm) or write a complaint here. Kind regards Pavla