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  • Date / time: 2016-04-26 10:11:48Name: Amanda Boerger


    I'm just wondering how more I would need to pay if I had with me a large 23KG bag and a smaller carry on size bag.

    Thanks! Amanda Boerger


    • Date / time: 2016-04-26 10:44:10Name: Pavla

      Dear amanda, luggage transported for one passenger free of charge: 1 piece of hand luggage (maximum size 15×25×35 cm) and 1 piece of luggage in the luggage compartment not exceeding 30 kg and/or the size of 30×60×80 cm. I think you will not pay anything. The fee for each extra piece of luggage/fee for luggage exceeding the maximum size is 300 CZK/ 10 € while paying by a coach or 250 CZK/ 8 € for payment in advance in the reservation system. Kind regards Pavla