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  • Date / time: 2017-05-10 14:13:28Name: Paul Makin

    To whoever it may concern,

    I purchashed a train ticket for an over night train for 4 people on am overnight train from Budapest to Krakow. I recieved my ticket and when i arrived at the train station in Budapest the ticket inspector informes me that what i had was NOT a valid ticket and just a reservation. I explained this was all that i was sent by yourselfs. However he refused to listen and myself and peers had to pay a penalty of €39 each plus €50 euro when we stopped in slovakia, Czech and 200 slots when in Poland. Due to this we had to pay more than we had anticipated through no fault of my own, therefore i would like a full refund.

    Kind regards


    • Date / time: 2017-05-10 21:27:49Name: Pavla Janoušková

      Dear Paul Makin, thank you for writing us. I am sorry to hear about the unpleasant situation. I looked at your order and you ordered only reservations. If you look at your order summary which you received by email, you will see that the ticket type is not „ticket + seat / bed reservation“, but only „Seat / cabin reservation“. The price is also very different. 336 € for tickets for 4 pax. But you paid only 80 €. The ticket + reservation is default option in the booking form. To get only the reservation you have to choose „Rail Pass seat/cabin reservation (without ticket)“ as the ticket type. Some customers who are not sure what to order or if they ordered correctly write us and we double check and explain everything.

      What you experienced on the train had to be a shock. But we sent you exactly what you ordered and the mistake was not on our part. Because of that, you will not b refunded. Kind regards Pavla