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  • Date / time: 2017-05-31 14:53:57Name: john E. Johnson

    I purchased 2 round trip tickets on 6 May, 2017 from Munich to Zurich for 25 May 2017.Paid 116.00 EUR. Received confirmation and the ticket by email. Printed the tickets. Used the tickets for trip from Munich to Zurich on 25 May, 2017. Ticket back to Munich was declined. I was told it was only for one way, Munich to Zurich. I had to pay 200 EUR to get back to Munich on that bus for which I already had tickets. I respectfully request/demand reimbursement of the 200 EUR I had to pay for my return to Munich on the bus for which I had all ready paid and had tickets . I paid for the 200 EUR tickets by credit card, the same credit card I had used to originally purchase my ticket on 6 May, 2017. I have the receipt for the 200 EUR and I also have the ticket the bus representative refused to permit us to use. I will copy these and send them to you. Give me an address. Please respond. Thank you. John E. Johnson


    • Date / time: 2017-05-31 16:07:02Name: Tomáš Joska

      dear Mr. Johnson,

      thanks for your e-mail. I just finished the investigation of your claim.

      we sent to you TWO E-Mails. Each of them contained ONE ticket for two pax as an attachment. The first e-mail, sent on 2017–05–06 17:17:21 contained the ticket: Online-Ticket_96099646­0_MULMDV25.05­.2017_Johnson_Joh­n_Edward.pdf for the way from Munich to Zurich. The second email, sent on 2017–05–06 17:18:12 contained the other ticket: Online-Ticket_37042068­5_Q4N1V9_25.05­.2017_Johnson_Joh­n_Edward.pdf for the way from Zurich to Munich. None of the e-mails returned as Undelivered back to us, which means you have received BOTH e-mails from us.

      Based on our terms and conditions you are responsible for making sure you have the correct tickets you have ordered BEFORE you take your trip, not afterwards.

      On our end everything was correct: We bought the tickets according to your order and sent them in two separate e-mails to your e-mail address. You have received them.

      We are not liable for the fact, that the customer doesn't print the tickets. This is the customer's own responsibility.

      Sincerely Tomas Joska Office Lead