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Home :: 1 class night train from Budweis to Zürih
  • Date / time: 2017-10-29 09:39:49Name: Tom

    I am travelling from Budweis to Zürich 8/11 2017 at 20.04 arriving at 08.20. I was wondering about facilities on the train? Is there a wifi so I can work? Is there a restaurant on the train or do I need to bring my own food along? What type of stuff is avavilable for purchase on the train, i.e. coffee, breakfast, water, drinks, etc.? Best wishes, Tom


    • Date / time: 2017-10-30 12:19:32Name: Pavla Janoušková

      Hello. Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, there is no Wifi (or only on the Czech territory) and no restaurant cars on overnight trains. The staff may have some refreshments. But you can take your own food on board. We can provide you with an e-ticket. If you are interested, write us what type of accommodation would you like (private cabin, or a bed in a cabin for 2 or 3 pax, a seat?).

      Kind regards Pavla