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Trains :: European trains :: Budapest → Vienna

How to get from Budapest to Vienna by train

There are 9 direct trains from Budapest to Vienna – Railjets and EuroNight trains.

From station:Budapest-Kelenföld (Budapest Kelenföld railway station)
Budapest-Keleti pu (Budapest Keleti pu. railway station)
To station:Wien Hbf (Vienna central railway station)
Wien Meidling (Vienna Meidling railway station)

Direct trains: Budapest - Vienna

TrainDep.Arr.2nd / 1st class
€42 / €72 **
EN 346 DACIA05:1007:59Buy now
RJ 162 1.2.06:1908:45Buy now
RJ 60 railjet07:1009:57Buy now
RJ 62 railjet09:1011:55Buy now
RJ 64 railjet11:1013:55Buy now
RJ 66 railjet13:1015:55Buy now
RJ 68 railjet15:1017:55Buy now
EC 344 AVALA 1.2.16:1818:44Buy now
RJ 42 1.2.17:1019:45Buy now
EC 148 LEHAR 1.2.18:1020:45Buy now
EN 462 Kalman Imre 2.21:0023:43Buy now
EN 60466 2.21:0023:35Buy now
EN 463 Kalman Imre21:1023:43Buy now
Schedule valid from 2014-12-14 to 2015-12-12

New schedule - valid from: 13. December, 2015

TrainDep.Arr.2nd / 1st class
€42 / €72 **
EN 346 DACIA 1.2.05:4008:18Buy now
RJ 162 1.2.06:4009:18Buy now
RJ 60 railjet07:4010:18Buy now
EC 140 HORTOBAGY 1.2.08:4011:18Buy now
RJ 62 railjet09:4012:18Buy now
RJ 64 railjet11:4014:18Buy now
RJ 66 railjet13:4016:18Buy now
RJ 68 railjet15:4018:18Buy now
EC 344 EC AVALA 1.2.16:4019:18Buy now
RJ 42 1.2.17:4020:18Buy now
EC 148 LEHAR 1.2.18:4021:18Buy now
EN 462 Kalman Imre 2.20:4023:18Buy now
Schedule valid from 2015-12-13 to 2016-12-10

Buying tickets at the train station

  • You can buy the tickets at the train station as most bigger stations have an international counter.
  • Usual open times: 4:00 am – midnight.
  • Seat reservations are sold separately (cost 3–4 EUR).

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