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  • Date / time: 2015-03-08 08:36:04Name: Justin Lai

    Hi Pavla, I have couple of questions would like to check with you:

    1. My wife & me would like to travel from Krakow to Prague, Prague to Vienna and Vienna to Krakow. May I know is there any multi train ticket that we get it from?
    2. We will be taking night train from Krakow to Prague on the 16 May(bed 2p), Prague to Vienna on the 20 morning coach and Vienna to Krakow on the night train at 22 May (bed 2p). If i book separately the total cost will be around Euro 72+34+107= $213 per pax. Is there any discount rate that we can get it?
    3. Once we have booked the ticket, any changes allow?

    Hope can hear from you soon, thanks! Justin Lai


    • Date / time: 2015-03-08 10:40:07Name: Pavla

      Dear Justin Lai,
      thank you for the message.

      • Unfortunately we do not have any multi-ticket. And the Eurail/Interrail passes would be more expensive than the tickets. And unfortunately I cannot give you any discount either (they are for groups of people, not groups of tickets).
      • The Prague-Vienna ticket is electronic and cannot be changed or cancelled.
      • The night train tickets will have to be delivered to you. If you choose delivery to your hotel in Krakow, we will have them stored in our office and send them only a few days before the departure. That way if you choose to change the ticket, we will have them and will be able to change them – for more information look here.

      Kind regards Pavla