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Buses :: Prague ⇔ Vienna

Travel by bus: Prague ↔ Vienna

Services in the bus

  • Hot drinks for free, cold drinks for sale
  • Air condition and toilet in the bus
  • Leather seats with seatbelt
  • Electric socket (230 V)
  • Wi-Fi is available, but only on the Czech territory
  • Stewardess will help you
Ticket price
RouteOne-wayRound trip
ÚAN Florenc PrahaFlughafen Wien Schwechat (Airport)25.00 EUR49.00 EUR
ÚAN Florenc PrahaWien, Busterminal Stadioncenter, Engerthstrasse18.00 EUR35.00 EUR
Bus calendar: Prague - Vienna
Bus calendar: Vienna - Prague

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Pictures of the buses

You will recognize the bus by it`s bright yellow colour.

Travel with the Eurolines buses

Bus Prague - Vienna
Departure ArrivalPriceFree seats
ÚAN Florenc Praha
Vienna International Busterminal
550 CZK (20 €)
ÚAN Florenc Praha
Vienna International Busterminal
550 CZK (20 €)
ÚAN Florenc Praha
Vienna International Busterminal
550 CZK (20 €)
Bus Vienna - Prague
DepartureArrivalPriceFree seats
Vienna International Busterminal
ÚAN Florenc Praha
550 CZK (20 €)
Vienna International Busterminal
ÚAN Florenc Praha
550 CZK (20 €)
Vienna International Busterminal
ÚAN Florenc Praha
550 CZK (20 €)

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Hennie & Alna van der Merwe - alchen(at)telkomsa.net - 2009-05-18

We would like to travel by Bus from Prague to Vienna on the 3rd June 2009. Kindly notify us regarding the ticket price 2 x single tickets. Thanking you and kind regards

Pavel Hajek - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-05-19

For example, Eurolines sell single one-way ticket for 530 CZK (20 EUR).

Nigina - nigina999(at)mail.ru - 2009-06-08

I would like to travel by bus Vienna on the 13 June,2009 and come back 14 June,2009. Please help me where can i buy the ticket, the name of station in Vienna and the prise of ticket Thanks in advance

Pavel Hajek - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-06-09

Everything you are asking is above in the article. There are links to StudentAgency and Eurolines to book the tickets on-line, they will leave you at Nord-Praterstern or Flughafen Wien (Vienna Airport) and the ticket cost 20 EUR one-way.

Jumshud - gigasett(at)hotmail.com - 2009-06-15

Hi, I'm going to travel from Prague to Vienna by bus in July. You said that it costs 20 Euro. I want to know if there any discounts available for students? I have an international student card (STI). Thanks beforehand

Pavel Hajek - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-06-16

At the moment, StudentAgency sells tickets (Prague – Vienna) with ISIC for 13,6 EUR.

Jumshud - gigasett(at)hotmail.com - 2009-06-18

Thanks for your assistance Pavel. What about two way tickets?

Pavel Hajek - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-06-19

It will cost you a little cheaper as well – check the links in the article to see the exact prices.

Manjari Jaruhar - manjarijaruhar(at)hotmail.com - 2009-06-21

Will be travelling to Vienna from Prague in September 2009. Please let me know the bus fare for the journey.Also, at what time does the first bus in the morning leave for Vienna.

Pavel Hajek - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-06-22

Manjari: regular price is approx. 20 EUR. For booking use the websites of Eurolines or StudentAgency.

Sajid Mehmood - mehmood.sajid(at)gmail.com - 2009-06-30

Can any one tell me how we can reach to euro bust station from prague air port?

Pavel Hajek - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-06-30

Sajid: Take the bus 119 from the airport to the metro station Dejvická (line A – green). Take the metro and go to the station Můstek. Change to the metro line B (yellow) and go to the station Florenc. There lies the main bus terminal.

Shelley - funknbella(at)yahoo.com.au - 2009-07-14

Hello, I was wondering if there is a bus or train service from Prague to Vienna Thank you

Pavel Hajek - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-07-14

Shelley: yes, in this page you can read about buses from Prague to Vienna and about the trains you can read here: Prague to Vienna by train

- wendyboitel8(at)hotmail.com - 2009-08-04

Bea - b.c.rayson(at)hotmail.co.uk - 2009-08-16

I have to travel from Wien to Praha on Sunday 23rd August at around mid-day. I would like to travel by bus – not Studentagency as I have spent several weeks trying to book with them but cannot reach the reservations page online.I believe there is a service from Invalidenstrasse but cannot find it. Can you help please ?

Ivana Novotna - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-08-16

Hi Bea, I can only recommend to try Eurolines online booking but there is no bus running to Czech Republic from Invalidenstrasse, you have go either from U3 Station Erdberg, or Opernring ggu, Schwedenplatz or Sudtirolerplatz.

Samira Humaira Habib - dhcdp(at)dab-bd.org - 2009-08-20

We are 11 persons from Bangladesh. We would like to travel on 2nd October, 2009 at late evening from Vienna to Prague and would like to return on 4th October at early morning from prague to Vienna. Would you please provide us the cost (by bus) and the time schedue for bus.

Thanking you


Ivana Novotna - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-08-20

Hello Samira, would you like to travel with our transportation services (minivan) or with bus from Student agency? Can you make it clear for me? Thanks.

Júlia - juliatarda55(at)hotmail.com - 2009-08-23


I would like to know which is the prize for the train from viena to prague, and if there are different kinds of trains, ones faster than the others. Also, I would like to know which is the prize and the time we should spen for the coach between these cities. Thank you very much

Ivana Novotna - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-08-23

Hi Julia, One-way ticket without any discounts costs 1099 CZK (+- 40 EUR), in the Pendolino you pay for the obligatory seat reservation extra 200 CZK (8 EUR). Yes, trains are of different brands but for the same price. More information about trains Wien – Prague. The fastest direct connection will take you about 4 hours, so youn will not need an overnight connection. When buying ticket in Wien, ask for the fastest connection – probably Pendolino train Wien – Praha and Wien is marked as „SC“ (SuperCity). All trains are run by national railways (in Austria: ÖBB, in Czech Republic: CZ).

Ruth - tentugal(at)hotmail.com - 2009-08-27

Hello, I'm leaving from Prague to Vienna the 1st of September and need to know where the bus stops is in Vienna so I can figure out how to get to my rental apartment(I'm on district 7, I believe). How many bus stops are there? Thank you in advance.

Ivana Novotna - info(at)czech-transport.com - 2009-08-29

Hi Ruth, going with Student Agency, there are two stops: 1. Wien, Joseph-Roth-Gasse/Praterstern and 2. Wien, SchwechatAirport Busstrasse (vor der Ankunftshalle).


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