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Trains :: Prague → Berlin

How to get from Prague to Berlin by train

There are 8 direct trains. The fastest train runs the distance in 4h 46min.

From station:Praha hl.n. (Prague main railway station)
To station:Berlin Hbf. (Berlin Central Railway Station)
Berlin-Lichtenberg (Berlin-Lichtenberg Railway Station)

Direct trains: Prague - Berlin

€40 *
2nd / 1st class
€60 / €76 **
EN 476 Metropol 2.04:3009:08Buy now
EC 178 Alois Negrelli06:3011:15Buy nowBuy now
EC 176 Johannes Brahms08:3013:15Buy nowBuy now
EC 378 Slovenská strela10:3015:15Buy nowBuy now
EC 174 Jan Jesenius12:3017:15Buy nowBuy now
EC 172 Porta Bohemica14:3019:15Buy nowBuy now
EC 170 Hungaria16:3021:15Buy nowBuy now
EN 456 Phoenix /60456 2.18:3023:46Buy now
Schedule valid from 2014-12-14 to 2015-12-12

New schedule - valid from: 13. December, 2015

€40 *
2nd / 1st class
€60 / €76 **
EN 476 Metropol 2.04:2709:11Buy now
EN 406 Chopin /476 2.04:2709:11Buy now
EC 178 Alois Negrelli06:2710:58Buy nowBuy now
EC 176 Johannes Brahms08:2712:58Buy nowBuy now
EC 174 Robert Schumann10:2714:58Buy nowBuy now
EC 378 Porta Bohemica12:2716:58Buy nowBuy now
EC 172 Hungaria14:2718:58Buy nowBuy now
EC 170 Carl Maria von Weber16:2720:58Buy nowBuy now
Schedule valid from 2015-12-13 to 2016-12-10

Prices of overnight trains (sleepers) Prague – Berlin

This is what you have to pay extra for an overnight train.

couchette couchette bed bed bed
6p coupé 4p coupé 3p coupé 2p coupé 1p coupé
20 EUR 30 EUR 40 EUR 60 EUR 100 EUR

Buying tickets at the train station

  • You can buy the tickets at the train station as most bigger stations have an international counter.
  • Usual open times: 4:00 am – midnight.
  • Seat reservations are sold separately (cost 3–4 EUR).

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