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How to get from Prague to Brussels by train

There is no direct train connection. You can take a some indirect train+train+train connections.

Following connections:

Prague 6.33-Berlin 10.41 → Berlin 10.51-Cologne 15.09 → Cologne 15.43-Brussels 17.35

Prague 8.33-Berlin 12.41 → Berlin 12.51-Cologne 17.09 → Cologne 17.43-Brussels 19.35

Prague 10.33-Berlin 14.41 → Berlin 14.51-Cologne 19.09 → Cologne 19.43-Brussels 21.35

Prices per pax in 2nd class (electronic saver-fare ticket) start on as low as €64… Please contact us: info@czech-transport.com to check actual availability and prices.

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