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Třeboň – spa town

trebon centrum

Třeboň-city centre

The Czech spa town Trebon is located in South Bohemia, about 140 km away from Prague. You can find this picturesque little town with a historic city centre and a beautiful castle in the middle of the Trebonsko Protected Landscape Area. The spa town Trebon is surrounded by an unspoiled countryside with lots of woods and fishponds.

Tradition of spa in Trebon The tradition of spas in Trebon has come from using a natural healing source – peat. There are rich deposits of peat in the Trebon region bogs. The local peat is rich in iron and sulphur and it is used for the treatment of bones, muscles and joints. First spa in Trebon was opened in 1883. The town of Trebon gained its Spa town status in 1960. About 13 000 guests from the Czech Republic and many other European countries visit Trebon’s spas every year.

Trebon spa hotels There are two major spa hotels in Trebon, which offer treatment and accommodations – Berta’s Spa and Aurora Spa (see contact section for details). Berta’s Spa is the older Trebon spa. It was opened in 1883. Berta’s spa was founded by local teacher Vaclav Hucek. He founded the spa for his daughter Berta, who suffered from rheumatism. The second spa in Trebon, Aurora spa, was built in the 1970s.

trebon okoli

Třeboň-the fishpond countryside

Indications for treatment

Spa treatment, which is based on using the local healing peat, is focused mainly on:

  • rheumatic diseases
  • convalescence after operations of the joints and spine
  • convalescence after car accidents
  • painful conditions of the spine
  • osteoporosis
  • osteoarthritis

Trebon spas offer commercial wellness stays too.



Lázeňský dům Aurora

Lázeňská 1001

379 01 Třeboň

Czech republic

+420 800 611 009


Lázeňský dům Bertiny lázně

Tylova 171

379 01 Třeboň

+420 384 754 111


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