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Poděbrady Castle

Lázně Poděbrady, a. s. (Spa Podebrady, Inc.) is famous czech spa provider in a beautiful destination just 40 km east of Prague. Since 1908, when mineral water “Podebradka” was discovered, thousands patients have come to Podebrady to treat their health problems and relax. Our therapeutic procedures make successful use of the effects of natural water which is classified as strongly mineralized acidulous water.

What are we treating? Heart and vessels diseases (the conditions after the ischemic heart disease operations –coronary by-passes, conditions after the operations of the heart valves, conditions after invasive performances on the coronary bed, conditions after heart transplantations and other heart operations) Diabetes mellitus (diabetes mellitus –newly detected, educational stays and treatment of associated complications of diabetes mellitus) Spa Podebrady also treats patients suffering from diseases of the locomotor apparatus (vertebrogenic painful syndrome)

The effects of natural water The natural water called “Podebradka” is classified as strongly mineralized acidulous water (pH 5.83) of the hydrogen-carbonate-chloride-sodium-calcium type. The basic effect stems from the chemical influence CO2 on the organism in the sense of vessel dilatation, increase of overall return, decrease of the blood pressure and decrease of the heart rate. This all leads to a marked improvement of energy conditions of the heart performance.

Poděbrady town is ideal for recreation and outdoor sports. A historic milestone in the life of the town was the year 1905, when it was visited by the German estate owner Prince von Bülow. This well-known water diviner found in the inner courtyard signs of a strong spring, which was later really bored to a depth of 97,6 meters. The discovery of carbonic mineral water resulted in the opening of the first spa season already in 1908. After World War I Poděbrady rapidly changed into a spa town which from 1926 specialized in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, gaining famous also abroad.


Spa Podebrady

Jiřího náměstí 39/15

290 33 Poděbrady I

00420 325 606 525



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