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DB ticket machine

DB ticket machine

  • BahnTix is a type of delivery of the regular paper ticket. The tickets have to be collected personally by the customer from one of the DB long-distance ticket machines in Germany.
  • BahnTix delivery is only available for train trips inside Germany or train trips starting in Germany and ending in one of these countries: Austria, Czech republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Hungary, France
  • BahnTix delivery covers all types of tickets and cabin/seat reservations with the exception of group bookings (6 or more pax).
  • The price of this delivery option is €10 and includes all the handling and administrative fe­es.

How to proceed:

  • 1. After making the order (within 72 hours at the latest) you will receive an e-mail with a unique DB Order Number: XXXXXXXXX (nine digits code) from Czech-Transport.
  • 2. You will have to confirm, that you have received this e-mail.
  • 3. At a train station you will look for the ticket machine (see the picture).
  • 4. At the ticket machine you will follow the screen instructions, enter the DB Order number and collect the printed tickets (Details about how to use the machine). If there is a malfunction of the ticket machine, you can also get the ticket in the DB Travel Center after telling them your DB Order number.

Cancellation terms:

  • The BahnTix can only be canceled, if it is not issued yet (printed by the ticket machine). Please, send an e-mail with the cancellation request to info@czech-transport.com no later than 72 hours prior to the departure. The cancellation fee is 20–40% of the ticket price, depending on the ticket type and the time left to the train departure. The refunded amount will be credited to the original account.
  • Once the BahnTix is printed (issued), it cannot be cancelled and no refund is issued.
  • seat reservations cannot be cancelled at all (are non-refundable)

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Last update: 2022-12-03