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Travel by bus: Berlin ↔ Warsaw

IC Bus - operated by Deutsche Bahn

DB IC busDB IC busDB IC bus

Services on the bus

    • Comfortable seat spacing (standard of the 2nd class on IC trains)
    • Seat reservation
    • Electric sockets on each double seat
    • Air-conditioning and on-board toilet
    • Wi-Fi (May not be available all the time)
    • Light snacks and beverages are available on board

    Tickets and price

    • Price vary according to occupancy and advance purchase
    • Children under 15 accompanied by parents can travel for free
    • BahnCard is accepted
    • Booking opens 3 months in advance

    Schedule Berlin - Warsaw

    From stationTo stationDep.Arr.CalendarPrice (EUR)Booking
    Berlin Hbf, Europaplatz SEVWarszawa Zachodnia22:4507:40running daily€39.00 (one-way)
    €78.00 (return trip)
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    Berlin Hbf, Europaplatz SEVWarszawa Lotnisko Chopina22:4507:20running daily€39.00 (one-way)
    €78.00 (return trip)
    Book now
    Berlin Südkreuz (Hildegard-Knef-Platz)Warszawa Zachodnia23:0507:40running daily€39.00 (one-way)
    €78.00 (return trip)
    Book now
    Berlin Südkreuz (Hildegard-Knef-Platz)Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina23:0507:20running daily€39.00 (one-way)
    €78.00 (return trip)
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    Berlin Flughafen (Schönefeld, P3)Warszawa Zachodnia23:2507:40running daily€39.00 (one-way)
    €78.00 (return trip)
    Book now

    Schedule Warsaw - Berlin

    From stationTo stationDep.Arr.CalendarPrice (EUR)Booking
    Warszawa ZachodniaBerlin Hbf, Europaplatz SEV22:1007:05running daily€39.00 (one-way)
    €78.00 (return trip)
    Book now
    Warszawa ZachodniaBerlin Südkreuz (Hildegard-Knef-Platz)22:1006:45running daily€39.00 (one-way)
    €78.00 (return trip)
    Book now
    Warszawa ZachodniaBerlin Flughafen (Schönefeld, P3)22:1006:25running daily€39.00 (one-way)
    €78.00 (return trip)
    Book now
    Warszawa Lotnisko ChopinaBerlin Hbf, Europaplatz SEV22:3007:05running daily€39.00 (one-way)
    €78.00 (return trip)
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    Pictures of the buses

    The Deutsche Bahn IC buses are usually white with a red stripe and DB logo.

    DB IC bus SetraDB IC bus Mercedes TourismoDB IC bus Irizar

    DB IC bus MercedesDB IC bus

    Luggage transport, Animals

    • Free of charge: 2 pieces of hand luggage (not exceeding 70 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm)
    • Transport of bicycles and oversized luggage is not allowed.
    • Folded strollers are transported if sufficient storage space is available.
    • Animals are not transported.

    Exchanges, Cancellations

    • Changes and cancellations are possible 24 hours before the departure at latest
    • Change/cancellation fee is 17.5 EUR

    Children – valid for bus line between Munich and Zurich

    • On the Swiss territory for children under 4 years an appropriate child car seats / infant carriers are required. They are not provided by the bus carrier.

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