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FAQ – Bus Tickets

Regiojet bus and stewards

Regiojet bus


A) Before the purchase

1. My destination is not offered by Czech Transport.

If your destination is not in our standard offer, write us an email with your travel details (When, Where, Number of passengers, etc.) We will get back to you with a schedule and a price.

2. When can I buy an e-ticket?

The booking opens 60–90 days before the departure and closes 24 hours before the date of departure.

3. Can I buy my ticket at a bus stop?

YES. We recommend to buy the tickets on-line in advance, but you can also buy the ticket in cash just before the departure from a driver. However it is possible only if there are free seats on the bus. The price is usually the same.

4. Can I make a reservation on-line and pay at the bus stop or on the bus?

NO. Right after making the reservation, you need to go to a shopping cart and pay the tickets. Otherwise the reservation is not valid.

5. Why do you require 2 emails and a telephone number?

The bus e-tickets and our emails are often directed to spam / junk folders and deleted. If you give us 2 email addresses it is probable, that you receive the e-tickets or emails from us successfully. Telephone number is required because the bus company send sms messages if the bus is delayed.

6. I have problems with the payment.

If you are experiencing problems with your credit card, please, use Paypal as an alternative payment option and/or e-mail us information about your travel plan so we can send you payment instructions online.

You can also pay directly in our office in Prague. We accept cash (CZK, EUR) and credit cards.

7. How can I pay for my tickets?

  • On-line: you can use a credit card (Visa, Maestro, Master Card) or PayPal.
  • In our office in Prague: we accept cash and credit cards.

8. Can I choose my seat?

NO. The seats are chosen by the booking system usually at the front of the bus, next to the window. If you travel in a group, then you will sit together.


B) After the purchase

9. I have not received my confirmation e-mail.

Please, double-check your spam / junk folder as requested if using a hotmail, yahoo, live or msn account. For further communication kindly adjust your spam/junk filters. Or send us your alternative e-mail address.

10. I have not received my e-tickets.

E-tickets will be sent to your e-mail within 8 hours after the payment is made. If you have not received your e-ticket within this period, please check firstly your spam/junk folder. If you do not find tickets there write us an alternative e-mail address.

Please, note that you do not need the ticket in order to travel. You can just show your ticket number to a steward. The tickets number appears in the on-line summary of your order after the ticket is completed.

11. Why the tickets get sold out?

Have you booked an e-ticket, received a confirmation and soon after that an e-mail that tickets are not available?

Unfortunately our system is not directly connected to the system of the Regiojet company. Even if you receive a confirmation after the successful purchase, tickets could be sold out before we process the order.

We guarantee full refund but we also offer alternatives (another tickets or connections).

12. Can I change my e-ticket?

It depends on your destination. The terms are written on the e-ticket.

  • YES. If the rebooking is available you need to contact us 24 hours before the departure at latest. Write us the new departure date and time. The fee for the change depends on the destination and is up to 8 EUR. Changes of destination or departure point are possible only within the same city.

    Urgent changes – you can manage your e-ticket on-line (there is a link in the email with your e-ticket) or call directly the bus company: ( Tel : +420 841 101 101, Outside Czech republic : +420 542 424 242 )

  • NO. If changes are not possible, the ticket has to be cancelled with refund. Then a new ticket for the new date and time has to be bough.

13. Can I cancel my e-ticket?

YES. Contact us 24 hours before the departure at latest, please. The cancellation fee depends on the ticket type. Booking fee is non-refundable.

If the order has not been processed yet (status pending), it can be cancelled by email. Then the cancellation fee is 10 % of the price.

14. Do I have to print the e-ticket?

Check what is written in a column „Connection“ on your ticket – SA, TT, DB.

  • NO. If you travel with the Regiojet, Leo Express, Tiger Express or PolskiBus companies, you can (1) print the e-ticket, or (2) show it t the steward on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • YES. If you travel on a Deutsche Bahn bus (DB), Tourbus, CSAD Tisnov.

15. What if my ticket is lost, damaged, or stolen?

Czech transport do not replace lost, damaged, stolen tickets. In case of bus e-tickets, you can simply print tickets again.


C) At the bus stop

16. When should I arrive at the bus stop?

We recommend to arrive there 30 minutes before departure of the bus. You have to be there 10 minutes before the departure time at latest. The bus will not wait for you and if you are not there the steward can sell your seat to someone else.

17. Where is the bus stop?

You can find a GPS location, an address and a map of the bus stops in the on-line summary of your order. You can find a link for this summary in your email confirmation. Just click on names of the bus stops and the details will appear.

Passengers have a responsibility to learn about the correct departure location of the bus in advance. For up-to-date information visit the carrier’s website.

18. Do I have to check-in?

NO. Before boarding your bus you will just show your valid travel documents, discount cards (if you bought a discounted ticket – ISIC, EYCA, …), and your ticket or the ticket number to a steward.

19. What if the bus is delayed?

It is quite rare. In such situations the bus company usually send SMS messages and notify the passengers this way. If you wish to receive a compensation for the delay, write us an email with your claim and ticket number.

20. What if I miss the bus?

Unfortunately the bus tickets are valid only for one connection. You cannot use it the next bus. You will have to buy a new ticket.


D) General questions

21. Can I travel with my pet?

Unfortunately NO. All pets are strictly prohibited on all international bus lines.

22. Do I have to buy a ticket for my child?

YES. Infants and children do not travel free of charge. You have to buy a ticket for them, even if they are only a few months old. Children 0–3 years old have to have their own child car/safety seats. The carrier does not provide any child car seats to customers.

23. Can my child travel alone?

YES, if he/her is older than 10 years old. Children between 10 and 17 years old can travel alone (without being accompanied by an adult) but only with an authorization form from his/her parents or legal representatives. They need to have this form filled – Power of attonery. For a return ticket 2 forms are needed – 1 for each trip.

On domestic (Czech) lines, the child can travel alone from 6th year.

24. How much will I pay for my bags?

  • Free of charge: A piece of baggage not exceeding 30×60×80 cm and 30 kg + 1 hand luggage not exceeding 15×25×35 cm.
  • You need to pay a fee for any extra luggage or an oversized piece of luggage. The fee depends on the bus line: 4 – 10 EUR.
  • If excess luggage is over-sized, double fee will be charged.

25. Can they refuse to transport my luggage?


  • You cannot transport luggage bigger than 150×150×150 cm and heavier than 50 kg. You cannot take more than 5 pieces of luggage.
  • Bicycles, skis, snowboards a strollers are transported only if there is free storage space and there is no danger of damaging other luggage.

26. When do I pay for my bags?

In cash directly before departure to steward. (CZK, or EUR)

27. Can I travel with my bicycle?

YES. Majority of Regiojet bus lines transport bicycles. They need to be packed to avoid damaging other baggage and dismantled. They are transported only if there is enough room in the storage space and no more than 2 bicycles can be taken on a bus. The price for a bicycle is 6–8 EUR or 2 EUR to Austria. On certain lines reservations for bicycles are available. Contact us in advance at info@czech-transport.com.

NO. Travelling with bicycles is not possible on Deutsche Bahn buses. If you are not sure, contact us – info@czech-transport.com.

28. Can I have an invoice?

YES. Write us an email with the customer information which should be on the invoice. We will send it to you in PDF.

29. Will there be Wi-Fi/electric sockets on the bus?

YES. On most of the international buses Wi-Fi is available, but only on the Czech territory. Every pair of seats has an electric socket (230 V). The Wi-Fi and standard on-board service is not available on extra buses. These are added when the original bus line is sold out.

30. What happens if I miss the Regiojet bus/my flight is delayed, cancelled or rerouted??

Please call Regiojet hotline +420 542 42 42 42 or write an e-mail: express@studen­tagency.cz. They can cancel your ticket and give you 75% refund. For buses from/to Dresden, Vienna and Berlin you have to contact them more that 1 hour before the departure. For other bus lines it is more than 12 hours. Details are on your e-ticket.

If passengers do not arrive to the bus stop before the departure time, their ticket expires without any possibility for a refund.


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